About smartPACK

smartPACK is a business cluster facilitating sustainable development and innovation for packaging and distribution within the food and beverage industry. We focus on all aspects of the value chain, initiating cooperation between businesses, public service companies, R&D and academic institutions in eastern Norway – a working commitment for a better and more sustainable future.

The cluster also includes partners outside the region as well as international members and partners, working for excellence in national and international food and beverage business. Our aim is to create strong, competitive and profitable organizations with potential for sustainable growth within Norway and the export markets.

We believe that:

  • innovation is key to developing competitiveness and profitability
  • cooperation and sharing add resources that influence innovation ability
  • the cluster enhances possibilities that are less available in a single company environment

smartPACK contributes to competitiveness, increased profitability and sustainable growth within:

  • food safety
  • sustainability and circularity in the economy
  • smart solutions