A web meeting/workshop for presenting and discussing the new cluster strategy was held on September 8 and was attended by 32 members in two interactive sessions during the day.


The workshop to be held on April 28 at Nofima Mat in Ås was cancelled due to the Covid 19 virus restrictions. It was later held via MS Teams on May 28 and was attended electronically by 27 members.

Workshop was held at SINTEF in Oslo Sciense Park on February 27 – read more about the workhsop here (Norwegian only, sorry)

Workshop and Christmas gathering was held on December 5th at WASTELAND and Lokalbevegelsen

Workshop was held on October 17 at NMBU University, Vitenparken in Ås


Sustainability as competitive advantage

Ingrid Kylstad, COO at KatapultOcean

The packaging of the future – how can we replace plastics to become more sustainable? 

Birgit Liodden, Founder of The Ocean Opportunity Lab

LCA-analysis in the packaging value chain – how do we obtain a better and broader basis for life cycle analysis?

Guri Krigsvoll, Associate professor, NTNU

Boosting the cluster cooperation  Norwegian Innovation Clusters, projects and future development

Tom Egil Klausen, Bama Industri and Jørgen Ingeberg, cluser manager for SmartPack 2030 business cluster

Reporting from work groups and ongoing projects

Ruth Nilsen, Glomma Papp and Thomas Eie, Bama Industri

Former workshops:

Full day cluster workshop was held on Tuesday May 7 at SINTEF, Oslo Science Park

SINTEF presented their research capacities related to packaging and distribution. The founders of Zoopit AS presented their technology for a faster and more secure distribution of groceries and vegetables – last mile distribution. The founder of the startup B’ZEOS AS showed how he intends to replace single use plastic with a natural polymer based on marine plants. ACT-Group offered insight into tracking and logging temperature in the packaging chain.


Our meetings are open to all member companies, partners and affiliates. Please contact our project manager jorgen(at) for more details in English.

We schedule two main seminars annually and four full day workshops open to all members and partners. In addition, we have autonomous innovation groups assembling at intervals according to their own schedules. The innovation groups work with specific projects within packaging, raw materials, technology and food waste, to mention some areas, all based on our main topic: making packaging and distribution more sustainable.


Here are some previous workshop topics:

Our latest cluster meeting was held at ROAF – Romerike Avfallsforedling on February 26, 2019.

In the afternoon we proceeded to visit the new Moltzau plant for cardboard packaging.


Sustainable finance : Thina Margrethe Saltvedt, Nordea Markets

Introduction to circular economy:/Cathrine Barth, Circular Norway

Circular economy in the real world: Hanne Wetland, Netlife Bergen

Exilva – cellulose fiber-based natural oxygen barriers

Coating technology – processes for barriers made from renewable resources

Plastics based on renewable resources

Project based cooperation in a cluster environment

Designing packaging for recycling: how can the design process make packaging more recyclable and sustainable?

Speed-dating: making your ideas and products betetr known to cluster members

Digitalization: collecting, processing and sharing data to increase productivity in the innovation processes

Planning for innovation

AI – Artificial Intelligence – the hows and the whats

Projects and financing through Horizon 20/20

Working in clusters – introduction to cooperation and sharing

IoT – Internet of Things – digital maturity – visibility